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Akamai Interview Experience | Set 1 (For the role of Associate Network Infrastructure Engineer or Associate Network Operations Engineer)

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It was of 3 rounds :
1st round was aptitude (written test) which contained 30 general aptitude (which includes 2 analytic, 5 mathematical aptitude, also pie diagrams where 4 questions has to be answered using this diagram. other i don’t remember) and 20 technical questions (which includes networks, unix commands, c programs to find out output and DBMS ) it was quite easy. You have to get minimum 15 in general apti and minimum 10 in technical apti.

2nd was technical round
They asked most of the questions from networks and linux.
If u go for this post please prepare well with networks basics such as
OSI layers
function of each layer.
device used in each layer.
functions of switches,bridge,router. difference between each.
advantages of c over c++.
questions on linux.
program to find prime numbers.
and still more technical questions
also they askedwy should i hire you ?
wt do u know about Akamai ?

but unfortunately i couldn’t clear this round .

3rd round was HR round
even there some of basic questions on networks and linux was asked to my friends. and communication skill is important in HR round.

finally they selected two candidates out of all.
Guys if they come as tier two company the interview process will be easy. Don’t miss the chance.

All the best..!!!!!!

If they come as tier 1 company definitely they’ll ask coding.
First was online test for 1 hour after that 45 min of coding.
In coding 3 questions was programs (One was on linked list other was related to pattern matching and one more is related to reverse of string) and one UML diagram.

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Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2016
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