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Nokia Interview Experience | On-Campus

Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2019
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Round 1: Online Test (OT)

Around 145 students from BTech, MTech and Dual Degree of CSE, ECE, EI, EE sat for the Online Test. OT was on AMCAT portal and had 5 sections with time limits for each section:

  1. CSE Subject concepts – 25 MCQ (35 minutes)
  2. Quantitative aptitude – 16 MCQ (16 minutes)
  3. Logical reasoning – 14 MCQ (14 minutes)
  4. English comprehension – 22 MCQ (18 minutes)
  5. Two Coding Questions (Array & Pattern questions) in C++ / Java (1 Hour)

Everyone got different coding questions.

Around 105 students cleared the OT and were selected for Personal Interviews (PI). Before the PI, there was a 1 hour duration PPT session by the company employees.


Round 2: Technical Interview (1 hour duration)

The interviewer first asked me to describe myself and my interests and hobbies. He then asked the following questions:

  • Describe Machine Learning in simple words (without using much technical terms).
  • Real life uses of Machine Learning.
  • Differences between Machine Learning and Data Analytics.

Then, there was some discussion related to ML in my project.

After that, he asked me questions related to my favorite CSE subject(Operating System). Questions related to the deadlock chapter were asked such as “Explain Deadlock with examples”.

He asked me Data Structures questions related to Arrays topic. One of the question was:

  1. Find duplicates numbers in Array and code in both python and C++.

Some programming questions from Linked List and Binary Tree were asked and I had to write the code for those questions.


Round 3: Technical+HR Interview (20 to 25 mins duration)

There were two interviewers in the room, one for Technical and one for HR. First, I had my Technical part of the interview and then HR.

The Technical Interviewer asked me about my projects and Internship. He then asked some questions related to the skills and tools I know. He asked me few python programming questions.

He then asked me questions from Object Oriented Programming (OOP). I had to explain OOP concepts like Inheritance and Abstraction.

He also asked questions related to Polymorphism and Encapsulation. Questions about examples of OOPs concepts in real life.

Questions about python datatypes and packages were also asked.


The HR Interviewer asked me about my schooling.

  • How the education system of India and Indonesia (I studied my high school here) are different?
  • How is the culture in India and Indonesia different?
  • What are your plans for Masters?


Round 4: HR/Managerial Interview (30 mins duration)

Around 20 to 25 people had HR round. In the HR round, questions were very tough and not the usual frequently asked questions available on the internet. It was asked to check if students can handle pressure.

The Interviewer started by asking me to describe myself.

Why do you want to work for Nokia?

The interviewer asked me if I attended the PPT session and asked me to state few things mentioned during the PPT presentation. He also asked me the question “What apart from academics/projects/internships have you done in your B.Tech, which makes you valuable for NOKIA?”


Finally 13 students were selected and I was one of them! 🙂


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