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ServiceNow Interview Experience | On-Campus for Associate Software Engineer

Last Updated : 19 Dec, 2019
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ServiceNow visited NIT Jalandhar on 15 Aug 2019. It was a one day process.

Round 1:(90 minutes)

This was an online round, where it was divided into 2 parts further. The first part was an MCQ test containing logical and technical questions. The second part was a coding round, where we had 1 question.

Find count of all distinct palindromic substrings of a given string.

71 students appeared for the online round, 21 students were selected for the next round

Round 2 :( Approx. 1.5 hr.)

This round was focused on data structures and algorithms, angularJS(as my resume mentioned it).
I was asked to introduce myself. Then, the discussion started with one of my projects based on MEAN(MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) stack.

The interviewer was keen on knowing why I used AngularJS while higher versions like Angular2, Angular5 were available. My initial answers did not satisfy him. He started asking me about JSON objects, Database schema for this project. After 15-20 minutes of explanation from my side and cross-questioning from the other side, I finally convinced him why I chose that particular version of AngularJS.

Question 1:

Finding the kth smallest element in an unsorted array with sorting not allowed.

I started thinking of an approach while he was offering certain hints. I kept communicating with him while thinking of an approach. Then, I came up with an approach using heap. I explained it using an example that was given by the interviewer. He seemed satisfied with the approach and asked about time and space complexity.

Question 2:
If saving an object data to a database takes 1 minute, how much time will it take to save 1000 objects?
Note: This question was to check how wide you can think in terms of system tasks.

Question 3:

He asked about any previous rejections which I got from other companies(if any) and reason for the rejection. He was keen on knowing how I faced that rejection.

Question 4:

What will be the reason( according to me) if I get rejected today?

The interview was almost over from his side, he asked me if I have any questions; I asked the following questions:
1. How has been your journey with ServiceNow so far?
2. Some system design and database related questions.
3. A typical working day at ServiceNow.

Tip: Keep communicating with the interviewer. Do ask a few good questions if he asks if you have any questions.

After this round, 9 students were selected. I was one of them.

Round 3:(Approx. 1 hr.)
The interviewer asked me 3 coding problems and I was asked to write code for all 3 problems on paper.

1. Find the sum of opposite diagonal( or minor diagonal) elements of a matrix.
2. Write code to calculate the height of a binary tree.
3. Segregate 0’s and 1’s in an array consisting of only 0’s and 1’s. ( O(n) approach).

Then, she asked me a few questions based on angularJS.

Design problem:
I was given a design question to display data of 100 objects. The requirements were:
1. Only 5 objects displayed per page
2. There are links to move to other pages on a given page.
3. Previous and next page buttons.
4. How to decide the page number for a given object.

Round 4:(Approx. 1 hr.)
This was basically a technical cum HR round where the interviewer asked me about my technical skills and went through my projects. Then, he asked me to explain any 1 project from my resume. The discussion went for 15-20 minutes.

Then, he asked me to give real-life applications of stack, queue and some other data structures.

As my resume mentioned machine learning g, so he asked me to explain how machine learning is used to calculate the time taken to travel between any two places on earth. I explained it taking the example of two cities. He seemed quite impressed.
Then, he asked about future goals.

Finally, 5 students were selected. I was one of them.

The key is confidence and knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Also, go through your resume well, and read about the company thoroughly. The communication with the interviewer is very important.
All the best!!!

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