ServiceNow Interview Experience for Software Engineer

There were complete 7 rounds of interview.
1. First was a hacker rank test of 1 data structure question and the time limit was 1 hour.
2. Then I was called for an interview drive on that weekend in their campus. There were complete 4 rounds – 3 technical and 1 managerial
3. I was told on the same that I will contacted for further rounds but did not receive any call for 2 months.
4. Later after 2 months, I was called to their campus for next round. It was a mix of both technical and managerial.
5. Then I was asked to attend a cross – continental video interview via zoom.
6. In one week after that, I got the offer letter.

Mainly questions are on Java, DS, Algorithms, Design Patterns.

All the best 🙂

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