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PwC Acceleration Centre Interview Experience 2022

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Hi all! would be sharing my interview experience with PwC Acceleration Centre, Bengaluru.

Round 1(Basic Aptitude, Technical MCQs and Coding): A fairly easy round. If you have basic knowledge about the concepts, you are through this round. 

  • A peculiar thing about this round is that they repeat the questions and if you give different responses for it then you might be in danger. Take this fact into serious consideration. 
  • Coding question was very easy. 
  • It was related to finding out prime numbers within a given range. 

Round 2(Personal Interview): PwC guys are very particular about time. The interview started on-time. The interviewer introduced himself and asked about my introduction and verified my government ID. Then he started with his questions.

  • First of all he asked me about my projects. Answered.
  • Asked about data-structures and algorithms. Asked difference in between stack and queue. Also, he told me to point out which one is better.
  • Asked some OOP concepts. Answered.
  • Then he moved on to some managerial questions like how would you react in a given situation, any leadership related work done by you, any creative out of the box things done by you.

Now here comes the interesting part. After these questions he said that you could have done better, you need to improvise upon some things. Saying this, he REJECTED me. Then after this, he again asked some general questions. I answered them accordingly. Then finally he informed me that you have CLEARED this round and he is pushing me to the next round. (He was taking a stress interview kind of thing and was seeing that how I react to a stressful situation).

Round 3(HR Interview): General discussion with HR regarding company and its policies. That’s it.

Finally after a month results were out and I was SELECTED.


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