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PwC Acceleration Center Interview Experience for Associate Role | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2021
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PwC is a Consulting company that came to our college for the Role of Associate Bangalore Location

It Comprises 4 Rounds:

  1. Online Test
  2.  Group Discussion 
  3. Technical 
  4. HR

Round 1(Online Test): This test comprises three sections Aptitude, Java, and SQL

  • Aptitude: It was so basic level like a standard and simple mathematics asked, trust me it will be easiest because I am very weak at Aptitude even I have cleared it. (15 Ques)
  • Java: They covered the OOPS concepts and basic level of pseudocodes and output-based questions. All are MCQ’s
  • SQL: They asked some basic insert, delete, update and join operations type MCQ questions, mainly focussed on Joins

Round 2(Group Discussion):

  • They have given a topic like Internet Advantages and Dis-Advantages. (30 mins)

Round 3(Technical Interview):

  • Totally Resume-based and OOPS Concepts. (30 mins)

Round 4(HR) :

  • It was some basic questions general things.

Finally, Got Selected for PWC!

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