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Pwc Interview Experience Virtual Hiring | 2021 Batch

Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2020
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At PwC, they connect people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets to solve important problems together and lead with the purpose for clients, communities, and for the world at large. It is no surprise therefore that 429 of 500 Fortune global companies engage with PwC.

Round 1: This round has 3 parts of  MCQ questions

  1. Basic aptitude: 30 minutes with 30 questions
  2. SQL and DBMS: 15 minutes with 15 questions
  3. Java and data structures in java: 15 minutes with 15 questions

Round 2: It was a virtual GD round and for many groups, the topic was the same that is “virtual vs offline education and working”. One more topic that I came across was “How to overcome COVID effects on GDP”

There were 5 people in a group, it went for 20 minutes.

At first, the interviewer gave us 5 minutes to think over the topic. Don’t switch off your camera while these 5 minutes.

Round 3 (Coding and technical): I had the same interviewer as the GD round. The interview was on the GLIDER platform. He asked me to introduce myself first.” Prepare this nicely as they will ask questions from it”

He focused on DBMS, C, OOPS

  1. Data model
  2. Normalization
  3. Define class and methods.
  4. Query to find min, max, avg salary
  5. Query to find max for a group of department numbers
  6. Encapsulation and example
  7. Code to add two matrix
  8. He gave me c question to find the output
      int main(){
  9. Joins types in DBMS
  10. Set operators in DBMS
  11. Public static void main= meaning of each identifier
  12. To display a list of files in the current folder using python
  13. Define entity primary and foreign key. 
  14. Query to do a union of two table

It went for 40 minutes and it started at 3.10.

Round 4: It was a leadership round. They asked a basic question such as 

  1. Describe one situation where you worked completely by yourself? How did you deal with the situation?
  2. Have you worked with a stranger who you have never met? How did you deal with it?

I was eliminated 

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