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PWC Interview Experience for Associate Engineer (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2023
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PWC came for on-campus recruitment in the second week of October and it was an FTE opportunity.

There were a total of four rounds in the selection process.

Round 1:

An aptitude test where questions like identifying the next pattern or sequence, some pie chart questions, and questions on time management, For example, 4 people are in a team and are available on different days in a month which are the days when all are available for a meet, choose those days. So a total of 24 questions were to be solved in 36 minutes.

Round 2:

At last 40 students were qualified for the next round, that is, the Technical interview. This interview was fully based on a Resume, the interviewer will actually have a copy of your resume and he/she can ask you to elaborate on your work in each of the projects that you have mentioned and whether it was a team project or individual. Further questions may vary depending on your stream. So if you have a CSE background you are most likely to be asked the fundamentals and that to basics only and if any other, then it’s better to prepare based on your resume only.
The questions which I was asked were:

  • Difference between stack and queue.
  • Question about virtual memory.
  • Explain deadlock.
  • How to swap 2 numbers without using a third variable in Python.
  • The difference between a tuple and a List in Python.
  • Explain OOP concepts like Encapsulation, Interface, and Abstraction.

Round 3 and Round 4:

It was a partner round and then the HR round. Partner round starts with an introduction and some more questions about your project and behavioral questions. In the HR round, they will ask you Why PWC and all. So if you cleared the technical round you are almost selected.

A total of 22 students qualified.

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