PWC-SDC Interview Experience for SDE

PWC-SDC came for on-campus placement in my college in august, 2019. There were four rounds:

Round 1: The 1st round was an online test on skillenza site, in this round there were 3 types of questions.

    • 22 aptitude questions in 30 minutes(level:hard)
    • 15 java MCQs in 15 minutes(level:medium)
    • 15 SQL query-based MCQs in 15 minutes(level:medium)

After this round, around 50 students were shortlisted out of 300 and I was one of shortlisted student.

Round 2: This was a Group Discussion round and the topic got elected was VOICE is the future.
Try to be specific when you are speaking. Use self-explanatory word e.g. integration, threshold, incentives, legitimacy etc rather than explaining one fact in 4-5 words. Around 30 students got selected and I am one of them.

Round 3: It was a technical round. Questions were asked from various fields:ML, DSA, SQL, PYTHON, DBMS, JAVA, RESUME REVIEW, INTRODUCTION etc.

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. static keyword in java
  3. How to print top 3 salaries from employee table(SQL)
  4. Print 1-100 without using loop conditions.
  5. Normalization forms(DBMS)
  6. Print max and min elements from an array of integers
  7. Print the second highest element from an array
  8. Explain about your project based on android development.
  9. What is the neural network(ML)?
  10. Special features of python 3

I was selected for the HR round.
Round 4: It was HR round with questions totally based upon your resume/cv.
After completing all the round with self-confidence I got selected.

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