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PwC Acceleration Centre Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2022
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Hi geeks! would be sharing my interview experience with PwC Acceleration Centre, Kolkata/Bangalore/Hyderabad.

Round 1 (Basic Aptitude, MS-EXCEL): It is a fairly easy round. Basic concepts of quantitative aptitude, English, and basic operations of MS-Excel is required. It is MCQ based round. They were not very difficult but were very tricky. There were no negative markings for wrong answers.

Suggestion: I would suggest to practice from sites like GeeksforGeeks, Indiabix, etc. as it will help to boost confidence.

Round 2:Personal Interview(Tech + HR): (15-20 min) There were 2 interviewers in my panel. Both were from managerial positions with more than 10+ years of experience. But, be calm and greet them with your natural smile. First, they told me to Introduce myself. Then he moved to my Projects section and my domain is Machine Learning. He asked me to differentiate between machine learning and deep learning. Why did I choose Machine learning and not any other domains? Also, he asked me to elaborate on my Project, which I did pretty well and they were satisfied. Questions from Cloud Computing, its advantages, and disadvantages. And Lastly, why PwC ?? ( HR based question).

 The next day only we get a mail from the Training and Placement Cell of our college that I have been SELECTED by PwC. Cheers!! 

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