Philips Interview Experience (On Campus ,Software Engineer)

Round 1: Coding & Aptitude Test

It was an online test on Mettl test platform. It had two sections :

  1. Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
  2. Coding

The aptitude section had the regular usual questions but had to be done quickly as there was only 10 minutes for 10 questions.

The coding section was different for all students.

The questions I got were .

  1. Reverse an array.
  2. Left rotate an array.

Almost all students got similar type of questions.

Round 2:

After the PPT, the interview rounds took place. It was a face to face technical interview. The panel was very friendly and the following questions were asked:

  1. Resume based
  2. Project based
  3. Few questions on interest and related topics
  4. Coding question on patterns     1

1 2  1

1 2  3  2  1

1 2  3  4  3  2  1

5. Some queries on SQL.(Inner Join, Outer Join)

Round 3: Managerial Round

Prepare yourselves for questions like:

  1. Your strengths and weakness.
  2. They gave me a situation and asked me to create a class and use some OOPS concepts to solve the question.
  3.  The best project/internship you have done.
  4. Situation based questions to test your team working and work ethic side.

Round 4: HR Round

This was similar to the previous round but the questions were more focused on the candidate and not the company.

  1. Do you like south Indian Food?
  2. Is this your 1st job interview ?
  3. Why Philips?
  4. Family background and some other similar questions.

Final result : SELECTED !

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