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Extentia Interview Experience For Software Engineer (On Campus)

Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2023
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Round 1 (General online google test ):

Including aptitude questions and Technical MCQs Paper was of Total Marks:- 50(50 MCQs in total) and the time duration was 50 Minutes. This is one day process.

Test Shortlist: Most of the people who got more than 40 MCQ correct got shortlisted.

Round 2 – HR Interaction(GD) :

In the group discussion round, a common topic is provided, and participants are expected to discuss it collectively.

Round 3 – Difficult online test (Students should carry the laptops for the test or labs will be used)

During the assessment, you may encounter 20 to 30 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on Java, as well as two coding questions. Additionally, you will need to correct one of the coding questions.

Round 4 – Technical face-to-face interview (Final round, which we will try to complete on the same day on campus)

They had asked me about my project. Then they asked me some questions about computer networks and some questions about digital marketing and social media marketing also.

  • Basics of HTML
  • Questions about the operating system
  • Some basic SQL queries.
  • 2 questions you need to solve in Infront of the interviewer one from Linked List(medium) and another from array and string (Easy).
  • Questions from computer networking and oops of Java were also they asked.

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