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Oracle Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer (On-Campus 2021)

Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020
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Oracle CGBU (Communications Global Business Unit) visited our Campus- VIT Vellore in the month of November for the profile – Associate Software Engineer. 

Eligible Branches: CSE/IT/ECE/EEE

Around 95 students have shortlisted for personal interviews and the whole process was remote due to the pandemic situation.  

There was a total of 3 rounds of interviews on Zoom and Coderpad.

Round 1(Technical 1 around 45 mins): The interviewer was very friendly. He started with the standard “Tell me something about yourself” question, following which he asked me about my preferred coding language.

Even after me saying Java, he started with basic C++ questions on pointers.  

Now he shared the coderpad link in the chat section and asked me to share my screen. Following were the coding questions asked-

  1. Determine whether a number is even/odd without using any division, multiplication, or modulo operators.
  2. Detecting a loop in a linked list. (both using HashSet and two-pointer approach)
  3. Unbounded Knapsack – Coin change problem. I gave him the simple recursion solution initially, he then asked for optimization, following which I gave the memoized solution. Then he discussed the time complexity and recursion tree for the same. (Always try to start from brute force even if you know the optimized approach)

After this, he asked me about Deadlock, its four conditions, and a practical example. Then finally the interview ended with- Egg Dropping Puzzle

Round 2(Technical 2 around 45 mins): He started by congratulating me for qualifying the first round. Then we had discussions about my projects. Being from ECE, he asked about Digital Electronics basics like- 

  • Signed and Unsigned Bit
  • Logic Gates Circuits
  • 2’s complement representations
  • Octal and Hexadecimal representations of numbers.

He was also helping me in between wherever I got confused.  

Then again we had a coderpad Round. This time he focussed more on trees. Questions were-

  1. Depth of a Binary Tree
  2. The diameter of a Binary Tree.
  3. Tree Traversals- Level Order (just the approach)
  4. Deleting and adding Nodes at a particular location in a Linked List.

Round 3(Mix of Tech and HR around 30 mins): We discussed the previous 2 rounds. Then again, a coderpad link was shared. He asked me to reverse a Linked List and write the full working code including all the classes.

  1. Why Java over other languages?
  2. Difference between JRE, JDK, JVM?
  3. Do you need JDK to run Java apps on your phone?
  4. What are interfaces in Java and where do we use them?
  5. Cloud computing and its Types
  6. Then asked whether I have worked on Spring Framework, Rest API’s. To be honest, I said No. But he was okay with it.

Then standard HR questions:

  1. Why a software company like Oracle, being from ECE? Further questions were framed based on my Answer.
  2. How did you start coding?
  3. If interested in Software, why don’t you took CSE?
  4. Why Oracle specifically?
  5. How many interviews you gave till now?

Final Verdict: Selected!


  • Just be confident and honest
  • Be thorough with your resume
  • Keep practicing on GFG, it’s really a great platform !!

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