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Philips Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship

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Round 1: Written Test (Online)

First round comprised of 10 mcq based on logical reasoning (blood relation, direction sense, seating arrangement etc)  to be solved within 10 minutes and

2 coding question

1st question –

2nd question –

to be solved within 50 minutes.

Tips :- Solve the questions as fast as you can and try submitting test before time duration.

Round 2:  Technical Round (Interview)

  1. They asked me to write a code on paper and question was as follow

Given an array, you have to find palindrome numbers in it and display them.

You can write the code in whichever language you are comfortble with . I did it in Java.

2.  They asked me to queries related to my project.

Then they discussed my both project in depth. They gave a situation according to my project and asked me how will I do it. It was a tricky as well as tough.

Luckily I got selected .

Round 3: Managerial Round (Interview)

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Your Hobbies.
  3. Your Achievements.
  4. Your Extra curricular activities.
  5. Your wow moments.
  6. Your sad moments.
  7. Did anyone gave u negative feedback? why? How you reacted to it?
  8. Difference between string, stringbuffer and stringbuilder.
  9. what is Semaphore?
  10. What is Multithreading?
  11. Why did you choose this project?
  12. Unique features of HTML.
  13. Does your project contains any unquie or different feature?
  14. Rate yourself at the scale of 10 in java, jsp, sql.
  15. Everything whichever is mentioned on my resume

Round 4: HR (Interview)

  1. Tell me about youself.
  2. Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned in resume.
  3. Are you comfortable with Bangalore.
  4. Where are you from?
  5. Distance between your current city and hometown.
  6. How often you go to your home.
  7. Few questions related to ppt.

Tips :- Attend PPT carefully.

3 students out of 7 was selected for the internship and I was one of them.

All the best !


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Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2019
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