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Philips Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus for Software Engineer)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2015

Philips Came For Campus in our Institute CV Shortlisting.

First Round:
1) English :- 25 questions (25 min)
2) Computer Ability :- 25 questions (35 min)
3) Reasoning :- 16 questions (15 min)
4) Quantitative :- 14 questions (15 min)

18 Short-listed For Interview among 36:-

Second Round(Technical):
1. Tell me about yourself?
2 .He asked What are your Favourate Subjects?( I Said DS,OS,DBMS,STL In C++,PYTHON).
But started With Network Questions.
3. what are the layers in OSI models?
4. what are protocols?
5. In which layer we parse a string?
6. What is Ping?
7. Asked About all Layers.
8. Did u do online coding,tell me your handle?
9. Missing no. find out with decreasing order sorting?
Solved With STL and he asked optimise it so Removed 1 Loop and Told Him XOR method.(He Said :- Very Interesting)
10. What are Semaphores in Operating Systems?
11. Tell Me About What Types Of Algorithms U used In Online Coding?
I was Expecting More Coding Questions But he asked only 1.
12.Solve a puzzle:-
Final question It was.It Was Very Basic For me And Answered All Questions perfectly.Selected For Hr Round.

Third and final round (HR):-
1. Tell Me About Your Background?
2. Which Movie Did u see Recently?(I said Yesterday Transcendence And 2 Weeks Ago Intersteller).
3. Tell me the story?(I explained the story).
4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
5. Why u Want to Join Philips?
6. He asked what times it takes from Your place to Your College?(I said 8-9 hours).
7. How MUCH Distance? (i said Around 500 km).
8. So How many Times U goes Home?(I said in flow that Yearly 3-4 Times).
9. He Was surprised And Said Means in 4 years U went home 15-16 Times? (I Didn’t Know that It was negative point for me and i Said “Around Yes”(But Really I didn’t go 15-16 times 🙁 ).
(Its reason for rejection and Second Time For me when I didn’t handle Hr question).

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