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Philips Interview Experience ( On-campus )

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  • Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2019
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Round 1: Written Round ( online test )

Solve 10 MCQ based on logical reasoning in 10 minutes.
2 coding question ( 50 minutes ):
1st question:
2nd question:

Round 2: Technical Round (Interview)

1. He asked me, “tell me about yourself”.And he gone through my CV and asked me about Bubble sort and asked me to write code by LinkedList and they also asked Insertion sort to my classmates.
2. After that, He asked questions from OOPs concept, like what is Polymorphism, Inheritance and where you used Inheritance in your project.
3. Difference between class and interface.
4. About my project. in which phase you faced more problem in your project.
5. Mostly they asked the question from your project. and queries from your project.
6. and he has given an HTML form, which had a textbox and to enter room no., he asked me to write a whole code for this form and connectivity code and a query to find student name who is in the room.
I wrote the whole code.
7. Then he asked me, what is the OSI Model. and again he asked where you used the Data link layer in this code.
8.phases of SDLC?
9. What is deadlock?
10. And he asked me two puzzles, which is following-

I got selected for the next round.
most important is that they noticed communication skills

Round 3: Managerial Round (Interview)

1. tell me about yourself.
2. and they talk to me very friendly, in this round they asked a question very easy.
3. Given a number like 6754683, write the only function to reverse this number and find maximum number.
4. he asked me if you are working in a company and there is a person who is doing better then you the what will you do to prove himself better?
5. If you have a booking ticket portal then what will be an improvement to enhance this portal.
6. He asked me some questions about the project .
7. In future what changes you will make in your project?
8. any question from me?
I got selected for the HR round.

Round 4: HR Round (Interview)

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. About family, family background.
3. What are the good qualities in you?
4. Why Philips?
5. Any challenging moment?
6. Your college experiences?
7. Are you comfortable with Bangalore?
8. Do you have any questions?

Finally Selected.

3 out of 7 students was selected for the internship.

All the Best.

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