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p5.js draw() Function

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The draw() function is called after setup() function. The draw() function is used to executes the code inside the block until the program is stopped or noLoop() is called. If the program does not contain noLoop() function within setup() function then draw() function will still be executed once before stopping it. It should always be controlled with noLoop(), redraw() and loop() functions.



Below examples illustrate the draw() function in p5.js:

Example 1:

function setup() { 
    // Create Canvas of given size 
    createCanvas(400, 300); 
function draw() { 
    // Use color() function 
    let c = color('green'); 
    // Use fill() function to fill color 
    // Draw a rectangle 
    rect(50, 50, 300, 200); 


Example 2:

function setup() {  
    // Create Canvas of given size 
    var cvs = createCanvas(600, 250);
function draw() {
    // Set the background color
    // Use createDiv() function to
    // create a div element
    var myDiv = createDiv('GeeksforGeeks');
    var myDiv1 = createDiv('A computer science portal for geeks');
    // Use child() function
    // Set the position of div element
    myDiv.position(150, 100);  'text-align', 'center');
    // Set the font-size of text'font-size', '24px');
    // Set the font color'color', 'white');


Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2023
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