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p5.js append() function

Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2023
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The append() function in p5.js is used to add value at the end of a given array i.e, it increases the length of the original array by one.


append(Array, Value)

Parameters: This function accepts two parameters as mentioned above and described below:

  • Array: It is the original input array to which a new value to be added.
  • Value: It is the value which to be added at the end of the Array.

Return Value: It returns the new appended array.

Below program illustrates the append() function in p5.js:

Example: This example uses append() function to add any value at the end of the input array.

function setup() { 
    // Creating Canvas size
    createCanvas(550, 110); 
function draw() { 
    // Set the background color 
    // Initialize the array into variables
    let a = ['IT', 'CSE', 'ECE'];
    let b = ['geeks', 'Students', 'Teachers'];
    let c = ['Delhi', 'Mumbai'];
    // Initialize the value into variables
    let v = 'Civil';
    let w = 'Peoples';
    let x = 'Kolkata';
    // Calling to append() function
    let p = append(a, v);
    let q = append(b, w);
    let r = append(c, x);
    // Set the size of text 
    // Set the text color 
    // Getting appended array
    text("First appended array is : " + p, 50, 30);
    text("Second appended array is : " + q, 50, 50);
    text("Third appended array is : " + r, 50, 70);          



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