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p5.js removeItem() Function

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The removeItem() function is used to remove the item that has been stored using the storeItem() function. It removes the value under the given key name from the local storage of the browser.



Parameters: This function accept a single parameter as mentioned above and described below.

  • key: This is a string which denotes the key for which the value has to be removed.

Below example illustrates the removeItem() function in p5.js:


function setup() {
  createCanvas(500, 300);
  text("Use the button to set and retrieve random values", 20, 20);
  setBtn = createButton('Set items to storage');
  setBtn.position(20, 150);
  getBtn = createButton('Get items from storage');
  getBtn.position(20, 180);
  removeBtn = createButton('Remove string to storage');
  removeBtn.position(20, 210);
function retrieveStorage() {
  text("Use the button to set and retrieve random values", 20, 20);
  // retrieve values from local storage
  num = getItem('savedNumber');
  bool = getItem('savedBoolean');
  // display the values
  text("The retrieved items are:", 20, 50);
  text("Number: " + num, 20, 80);
  text("Boolean: " + bool, 20, 100);
function setStorage() {
  // generate random values
  randomNum = floor(random(100));
  randomBool = randomNum > 50 ? true : false;
  // store values to local storage
  storeItem('savedNumber', randomNum);
  storeItem('savedBoolean', randomBool);
function removeStorage() {
  // remove item from local storage


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Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2023
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