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OnePlus R&D Hyderabad Interview Experience (Software Engineer) | On-Campus 2019

Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2019
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It was the first time OnePlus came for campus recruitment in our college(NIT Patna) for R&D Hyderabad.They were looking for freshers(2020 pass outs) who can join them for their R&D in Hyderabad.

Eligibility criteria – Above or equal to 65% or 6.5 Cgpa in 10th, 12th,, ECE, CSE, IT) and any).

Recruitment Process :

  • Online Test
  • PrePlacement Talk
  • Technical Interview
  • Cultural Fit or Managerial Round
  • HR Interview
  • Offer Letter


Round 1(Online Test): They have conducted online test in 2 rounds. First round was Skill assessment test which consists of personality questionnaire (Time-25 min), numerical reasoning (only data interpretation) (Time-30 min) and verbal reasoning (only paragraph comprehension) (Time-30 min). Second was Coding round (Time-2 hrs 30 min) which was on Hacker earth that consists of  30 technical mcq’s related to C, C++, Java, Python, DBMS, Android, Oops concept and 2 coding questions (Parent node & Sequence of integers problem) related to tree, graph & dynamic programming. Total of 241 students were eligible for online test out of which 38 were shortlisted for the next round.

PrePlacement Talk: All the shortlisted students were asked to attend the ppt. In which we get to know about the company that “What is the culture of company?”, “How is the work-life balance?”, “On which new technology company is working?” etc. Then the HR explained us the further interview process.

It was like Technical Interview -> Cultural Fit or Managerial Interview -> HR Interview

Round 2(Technical Interview): This round started with a warm welcome and a brief introduction. There were lot of topics which were focused in this round. Started with basic technical questions from oops concept, c, c++ and questions from project. Then he gave me two problems related to array and strings and i was asked to write it’s pseudo code. He also asked me questions from Android as i had mention training in android in my CV. Lastly he asked me a puzzle which was something like this ( This round lasted about 45 min-60 min. Out of 38 students 12 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3(Cultural Fit or Managerial): This round was revolving around my CV. Interviewer asked me about my technical interview. Then he asked questions from my projects that i have done in my He also asked me about extra curricular activities (as i had mentioned it in my CV) that what you have learnt from these. Make sure that you have good knowledge of projects that you have done. This round lasted about 20 min-30 min. Out of 12 students 11 were selected for the final round.

Round 4(HR Interview): This round starts by both of us greeting each other. He asked me how was my day. Then he asked me to introduce myself apart from my CV. Few more HR questions like “Why do you want to join One Plus?”, “Do you have any plans of pursuing higher studies?”, “Any other offers that you have?”. Lastly he asked me that do you have any questions for me. Feel free to ask question. Don’t tell any lie in front of the interviewer. Be honest and calm.This round lasted for 30 min – 40 min. Out of 11, all 11 students were selected. I was one of them.

Finally, me and my 10 colleagues received Offer Letter.

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