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Software Engineer Interview at GE Digital | Hyderabad (off-campus)

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Resume filter:  I got an email from a recruiter who asked about my details such as work experience, interests, technical abilities, current project, work-ethics, and all that. And then there is drive on weekends and He ask me to come. Round 1: This was more of the knowledge judging and experience evaluation round based on my core Java knowledge. The Interviewer for very friendly and make me feel very comfortable.
  1. what do you mean by static word in java.
  2. what do you mean by final in java.
  3. type of polymorphism, method overloading vs method over writings.
Round 2: In this round he ask me about the data structure and algorithm questions. 1 . Traverse the Binary Tree in spiral order — I was not able to solve it perfectly but I have tried a similar approach and he was happy with the tree. Level order traversal in spiral form 2 . What is cache and ask me to write full code for the LRU cache implementation.   — I knew it from before only so I have solved it. LRU Cache Implementation. — Then they informed that done for today, there will be next telephonic rounds. Round 3: This was a telephonics round.
  1. what is scrum, what is sprint and question related to agile methodology.
  2. what is spring-boot and how is it different form spring.
  3. what is REST and what are other alternative and why is it so famous.
  4. There was one more telephonic round and there they ask me question related to my current company and projects.

Last Updated : 20 Jul, 2020
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