EPAM Systems,Hyderabad Interview of (2020 Graduates) for Junior Software Engineer in Kolkata

1st Round : Java Coding round in mymapit.in, Myanatomy website(Owned by Epam Systems)
This was an Online coding round on Java (150 mins). Webcam was mandatory to take this test and it could be taken from anywhere (online test). There were 3 questions: 1 easy, 1 medium and 1 difficult. We could only go to the next question if we had submitted the previous one.
Each Question had fixed time to solve with easy question being the least time of 30 mins, then 2nd question was to be solved in 45 minutes and 75 minutes for the last question.
The first 2 questions were basic and medium level questions from HackerEarth, Hackerank and LeetCode.
The third question was a bit tricky and involved more complex logical analysis.
2nd Round : Onsite Coding contest in Java in the same platform as in round 1
This was an onsite round, the students who qualified round 1 were called for the second round in Techno India University, Salt Lake City, Kolkata(one of 5 other onsite centres. Others being Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and Bengaluru).
This round had MCQ questions of 20 marks based on JAVA, OOPS, C++, DBMS, Networking and Operating Systems and 2 coding questions. Total duration of test was 2 hours.
Questions were a bit easy compared to the first round and could be solved with a little optimisation.
Qustions were:
1. Given a string, eg: abc123ab12

Find sum of integers divided by sum of no. of alphabets rounded off to nearest integer
i.e. 1+2+3+1+2/5= 9/5 = 2( 1.8 is rounded off to nearest integer as 2 )

2. Given an array
And given a no. N,
Find all the numbers that can be formed from given array that is less than or equal to N
Digits N be repeated

Eg. arr[]= 1, 2, 3, 4
possible no.s that can be formed from arr <=N are {1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 21, 22, 23, 24….44}
Third round: GD
My topic was Technology separating us or bringing us together?
It was not a mass elimination round.Only the people who couldn’t speak good english or whose communication skills were not good were eliminated.
What you should do in gd round:
1.Choose either for or against the given topic
2.Stick to your stand, give points to support your stand as why you think it is correct.
The instructor just gave us 11 minutes time where 1 minute is for thinking and the 9 minutes for discussing about and last 1 minutes for the conclusion.
4th Round : Technical Interview Round
This was a one to one interview round.The interviewer checked my CV and asked me my proficiency in Java and Python as it was mentioned in my CV.
Then, he saw my code from the 2nd round and asked me to explain the question as well as my solution.
I haven’t solved the question completely in the 2nd round as it passed only 7/11 test cases so he asked me if i would reuse my existing code or re-write the whole program once again to solve the question completely.
Then the other questions asked in the interview were:
1. What is abstraction?
2. Write a code to explain abstraction.
3. What is a real life examples/business example of abstraction.
4. Is string mutable in Java?

At last the interviewer asked me if i had any questions regarding the company or anything.
Last round was the HR round to which i didn’t qualify.

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