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Oracle Interview Experience for Application Engineer (On- Campus)

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Role: Application Engineer. Location: Hyderabad/ Bangalore Procedure: 5 Rounds (Written Test + 3 Technical Round + HR round)

Round 1(Written Test): This was MCQ based round with no negative marking. The test was divided into sections and subsections. Every subsection had some time limit. You can expect Questions from Aptitude (Time Distance, Compound Interest, Simple Interest, Permutation combination, Probability), Reasoning (Sitting arrangement, Data Interpretation, etc), Programming ( Questions to determine Output, find errors, etc), Flow-Chart (You will be given an algorithm and an incomplete Flow chart. You have to complete this flow chart), Technical (OS, CO, CN, Digital electronics, DBMS)  

Questions were easy but the biggest challenge was time, and the calculator was not allowed. So make sure to practice fractional multiplication and For Technical subjects, in-depth knowledge is not required but when to use what should be clear.

Round 2 (Technical Round Zoom Meeting): OOPS, exception handling, C++ vs Java, M.Tech Major Project discussion, Code (Reverse every k digit in the string). They told me to write code in notepad.  

Round 3 (Technical Round- Zoom Meeting): M.Tech. Project Discussion  

The interviewer gave me one real-world Machine Learning Problem. To make one of their software use Machine Learning ).. A healthy discussion on how data collection, cleaning can take place. Feature selection and lastly algorithms to make it happen.  

Then he switched to DBMS Asked 2 Queries:

  1. Department name where no female employee is working
  2. Manager name who has hired employees in the last six months.

Then he gave me one coding Problem: Find Missing and repeated element in 1…N array. (Expected O(N) time and O(1) space solution) Coded this over the notepad. 

Round 4(Technical- Zoom Meeting): The interviewer first asked me whether I know How to solve sudoku? Then he gave me on sudoku to solve. And while I was solving it. The interviewer told me to write code for it.  

No other questions were asked in Round 4. Solved questions using BackTracking and coded in Notepad.

Round 5 (HR – Zoom Meeting):

  • Tell me about your interesting project
  • Do you know your role?
  • Do you know the job location?

I use most of the time GeeksForGeeks some time other websites like HakerEarth and Leetcode in the last month but only to get familiar with their platform.   I only solved generalized problems on GFG. Must-Do coding Questions for an interview, Practice cracking the coding interview. And took one course of Amazon SDE Test Series. Make sure you start practicing to code on Notepad/pen and paper with proper syntax and indentation before one month

Technical Subjects: GateNotes, Youtube videos, Tutorials Point, GFG

Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2020
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