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Last Updated : 05 Apr, 2024

The best way to scale up your coding skills is by practicing the exercise. And if you are a Java programmer looking to test your Java skills and knowledge? Then, this Java quiz is designed to challenge your understanding of Java programming concepts and assess your excellence in the language.

In this online Java quiz page, you will learn about everything from basic to advanced topics. Along with that, this quiz covers all the topics of Java programming. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced Java developer, this quiz will help you scale up your Java skills and identify areas for improvement.

So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to put your Java knowledge to the test with this interactive online Java programming quiz.

Quizzes on Java Language

In this section, we have offered a list quizzes on all important topics Java language to test your knowledge. Explore the chapter wise quizzes to solidify your understanding of Java syntax, object-oriented programming concepts, and more. Dive in and put your Java expertise to the test!

Java Inheritance

In this section, we have compiled a quiz set for Java Inheritance. It allows you to create new classes (subclasses) that inherit properties and behaviors from existing classes (superclasses). By understanding inheritance, you can write more efficient and reusable code.

Java Abstract Class and Interface

Java utilizes abstract classes and interfaces to achieve abstraction, a core concept in object-oriented programming. This section will test your knowledge of abstract classes and interfaces in Java. These are fundamental concepts for object-oriented programming, used to achieve abstraction and define contracts for object behavior.

Java Arrays

This section will assess your understanding of how to declare, initialize, access, and manipulate arrays in Java. Explore the questions about array creation, indexing, looping, and common operations.

Java Data Types

In this Java programming quiz section, we have focused on data types, the building blocks that determine what kind of information variables can be stored in your Java programs. Practice the questions about primitive data types, their sizes, and how they handle different values.

Java Constructors

If you are done with all the above quiz questions or looking for the practice set on Java constructors? This section dives into constructors, the special methods that initialize objects. Practice the questions and get to know their role, types, and how to use them effectively to build objects in your Java programs.

Java Exception Handling

Get a quiz on exception handling in Java! Exceptions are unexpected events that can disrupt your program’s flow. This section will challenge your understanding of how to identify, handle, and recover from these situations using try-catch blocks, throws clauses, and more.

Java Packages

Buckle up and get ready to answer some questions on Java packages! This quiz will dive into how packages organize classes and interfaces, prevent naming conflicts, and keep your Java projects tidy.

Class and Object

Want to get mastery in Java classes and objects! Then, explore this quiz section here we will assess your understanding of how classes define object blueprints, and how objects come to life with their own unique data and behaviors.


Dive into the world of Java functions with multiple practice or quiz questions! Also known as methods, functions are reusable blocks of code that perform specific tasks. The questions we have added in this quiz will challenge your understanding of how to define, use, and manipulate functions effectively in your Java programs.

final keyword

This quiz section will challenge you with questions on how the final keyword is used to restrict modification of variables, methods, and even entire classes. Go through this section to test your knowledge on achieving immutability and preventing subclass overrides!


Looking for the Java Operators practice questions, then this section will assess your understanding of these fundamental building blocks. From arithmetic operations to comparisons and logical manipulations, Explore to get mastery on Java operators.

MCQs on Assorted Topics in Java

This section covers a wide range of Java concepts, from essential building blocks to advanced features. Get ready to explore areas like inheritance, exception handling, or maybe even collections. Let’s see how well you navigate these assorted Java topics!

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