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How to Force Dark Mode on Web Contents in Chrome

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Most people love dark mode but sadly it is not available on most websites. So here is a way to force dark mode on webpages in chrome browser. It works both on chrome desktop and mobile browser.

1) Go to chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark (copy-paste the link in new tab)

If you are not able to see the highlighted part like in the image above, go to chrome://flags/ and search for “force dark mode”

2) Now click on the drop-down and select the “enabled” option.

3) Click on the relaunch button at the bottom.


The procedure is the same even for the chrome mobile browser.

Select enabled (or any other option which you feel better).

Click on relaunch.

Note: If you didn’t like the colors after conversion, now instead of “enabled” select another option. Try all other options(repeat steps 2 and 3) and choose the one which you liked the best.

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2021
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