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Borwein’s algorithm is a calculation contrived by Jonathan and Peter Borwein to compute the estimation of 1/π. They conceived a few different algorithms. The following… Read More
Infosys is one of the major recruiters. HackWithInfy is a contest for all final year engineering students across India. HackWithInfy 2020 is the third edition… Read More
Online Coding Round: 2 Coding questions based on tree and graph. Round – 1 (60 Minutes): In a range of m and n print all… Read More
Material-UI is a library that provides React components for easy and fast web development. We can easily put together really aesthetic and functional components and… Read More
In this article, we are going to see how can we download files from our Google Drive to our PC and upload files from our… Read More
The stack is a linear data structure which works on the LIFO concept. LIFO stands for last in first out. In the stack, the insertion… Read More
We can use Python for Speech Recognition, it is mostly used to recognize English words. However, in this article, we are going to use Python… Read More
The process of creating and embedding scripts in a web page is known as web-scripting. A script or a computer-script is a list of commands… Read More
In the Byteland country, a string S is said to super ASCII string if and only if the count of each character in the string… Read More
Given an array, arr[] of size N and an integer K ( N % K = 0), the task is find the maximum cost to… Read More
MAQ Software visited Delhi Technological University on 19/11/2020.  They conducted 4 rounds online. Round 1(Aptitude + Coding round): Aptitude Questions (30 questions in 30 minutes),… Read More
Given a string S of size N and a positive integer K ( where N % K = 0), the task is to find the… Read More
In C programming, using arrays and string for data storage at run time which is volatile and gets memory in RAM. But to store data… Read More
OYO Rooms visited NIT Patna for hiring SDE (Intern + FTE). Students of CSE and ECE having more than 6 CGPA were eligible. The online… Read More
Question 1. Given a cylindrical tank, in which situation will you find the surface area and in which situation volume (a) To find how much… Read More
Given a string str, consisting of lowercase alphabets, the task is to find the shortest string which is not a subsequence of the given string.… Read More
Given two arrays arr1[] and arr2[] of length M and N consisting of digits [0, 9] representing two numbers and an integer K(K ≤ M… Read More
Given a binary array arr[] of size N and two players, A and B. The task is to minimize the score for player A by… Read More