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Nutanix conducted a virtual interview process for our campus, for the role of Systems Reliability Engineer. This is a noncoding role, hence the interview process… Read More
Round 1: Telephonic 60 mins round – Serialize and deserialize a binary tree /bst Round 2: Culture fit round . About previous work and about… Read More
Problem Statement: Lexa is an employee at XYZ. She wants to build a computing instance, to build one she needs to put together three components… Read More
Hi, I was recently interviewed for the MTS -QA position for  Nutanix (Location: Bangalore). I have 1.5-year experience in the storage domain. Following were the… Read More
Round 1: Coding Round [Hackerrank] – 60 Mins – 2 Ques Q1: Given a set of mutual friends in a class, can you divide the… Read More
The entire process consisted of 5 rounds: 1 online coding, 1 debugging, 2 Technical and 1 HR/System Design Round. The minimum criteria for the online… Read More
Recently, Nutanix visited our campus for hiring Interns. The process was similar to whats there for most of the companies. Initially, there was a coding… Read More
Online Round: This round was held on Hackerrank for 1:30 hrs. There were two questions in this round. A tree was given with upto 10^5 nodes.… Read More
Nutanix Technologies came to our campus BITS Goa for On-Campus Recruitment process. They conducted multiple rounds of screening to finally select 3 Candidates. Online Test:… Read More
Round1: It was conducted on hackerrank. Time duration :1hr There were 2 questions in total Question 1: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/merging-intervals/ Question 2: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/snake-ladder-problem-2/ 14 members were selected… Read More
Round 1: 3 Questions Q1. https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/program-for-nth-fibonacci-number/ Q2. Broadcast Tree Algorithm and its order given at http://mpitutorial.com/tutorials/mpi-broadcast-and-collective-communication/No code for it. Q3. Given an array of billion… Read More
Nutanix recently came to our college for recruiting interns. Around 130 people gave the coding round, and 12 were selected for interviews. Test was 1.5… Read More
Given a string of digits, determine whether it is a ‘sum-string’. A string S is called a sum-string if a rightmost substring can be written… Read More
Round 1 – Coding (online) The first round was an online coding round hosted on hackerrank. There were two questions to be solved in 1hr30mins.… Read More
Nutanix visited my campus. There were 3 rounds in total: Round 1 (coding round) : 2 questions were to be solved in 1hr 15min. Question… Read More