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JavaScript Functions: A function is a block of code written to perform some specific set of tasks. We can define a function using the function… Read More
BorderRadius is a built-in widget in flutter. Its main functionality is to add a curve around the border-corner of a widget. There are in total… Read More
BorderSide widget in flutter is a built-in widget whose function is to control the look and feel of individual sides of the border around a… Read More
A voice dependent email system is an android solution which allows the user to send and receive emails without using any visual features, which means… Read More
CircleAvatar widget comes built-in with the flutter SDK. It is simply a circle in which we can add background color, background image, or just some… Read More
Prerequisite: seaborn The Boxplots are used to visualize the distribution of data which is useful when a comparison of data is required. Sometimes, Boxplot is… Read More
What is Bug tracking system? A bug tracking system is software that keeps track of bugs that the user encountered in any software development or… Read More
anMediaMetadataRetriever class provides a unified interface for retrieving frames and metadata from an input media file. It is located under package. For example: retrieving… Read More
The various other Material design components need special attributes to get implemented. But in this article, the Material design Snackbar is implemented and it doesn’t… Read More
Prerequisites: Socket Programming in Java Multithreaded Server: A server having more than one thread is known as Multithreaded Server. When a client sends the request,… Read More
It’s really easy to search your favorite movie in a theatre, check the seat availability and, book the ticket on the BookMyShow app within just… Read More
Given two strings S1 and S2, the task is to check if it’s possible to generate string S2 by repeatedly appending subsequences of S1 to… Read More
IgnorePointer is a built-in widget in flutter which is similar to the AbsorbPointer widget, they both prevent their children’s widget from pointer-events which are taping,… Read More
Problem Description: Write a Java program that accepts a matrix of M × N order and then interchange diagonals of the matrix. Steps:   1. We… Read More
Given an array arr[] of integers and an integer K, the task is to find the length of the smallest subarray that needs to be… Read More
Given two strings str1 and str2 of lengths N and M respectively, the task is to check if str2 can be formed by appending subsequences… Read More
The ext-curl CURL stands for client user, In Linux cURL is a PHP extension, that allows us to receive and send information via the URL… Read More
Problem 1: What will be the unit digit of the squares of the following numbers? Solution: To find the unit digit of the square of… Read More
Checked exceptions are the subclass of the Exception class. These types of exceptions occur during the compile time of the program. These exceptions can be… Read More
Even Number: A number which is divisible by 2 and generates a remainder of 0 is called an even number. All the numbers ending with… Read More