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Question 1. In Fig., PS is the bisector of ∠QPR of ΔPQR. Prove that QS/SR = PQ/PR. Solution: Given: PS is angle bisector of ∠QPR.… Read More
Given three integers N, A and B, the task is to calculate the probability that the sum of numbers obtained on throwing the dice exactly… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, the task is to find the minimum count of array elements found by applying the Randomized Binary Search… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, where arr[i] is the time required to visit ith city, the task is to find the minimum total… Read More
Given two arrays S[] and E[] of size N denoting starting and closing time of the shops and an integer value K denoting the number… Read More
Given a string S consisting of ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘[‘ and ‘]’, the task is to find the minimum count of remaining characters in the string… Read More
We will be building a Magic 8 Ball app that will give you the answers to all fun tricky questions (basically it is a fun… Read More
I got the interview opportunity through the “Code Divas Diversity Challenge 2020” organized by BNY Mellon on HackerEarth. There were 4 coding questions. The time… Read More
Prerequisites: Altair Altair is a statistical data visualization library in python which is based on Vega and Vega-Lite visualization grammars. A Stripplot is used for… Read More
The Java Shell tool (JShell) is an interactive tool for learning the Java programming language and prototyping Java code. JShell is a Read-Evaluate-Print Loop (REPL),… Read More
Array is contiguous memory allocation while LinkedList is a bloc of elements randomly placed in the memory which are linked together where a block is… Read More
In mathematics, a differential equation is an equation that relates one or more functions and their derivatives. In this article, we are going to discuss… Read More
Question 1. Find the equation of the line parallel to the x-axis and passing through (3, -5). Solution:  Let the equation of line be:  y… Read More
Question 11: Differentiate sin-1(2x√(1-x2)) with respect to tan-1(x/√(1-x2)) if -1/√2<x <1/√2. Solutions: Let u = sin-1(2x√(1-x2)) Substitute x = sin θ ⇒ θ = sin-1x… Read More
I would love to share my on-campus placement experience with Cognizant. Cognizant conducted an online exam on the Amcat platform for our college Jadavpur University… Read More
Preliminary‌ ‌Round‌: This‌ ‌round‌ ‌consists‌ ‌of‌ ‌3‌ ‌Sections‌ ‌which‌ ‌comprises‌ ‌of‌ ‌60‌ ‌questions‌ ‌ ‌ Section‌ ‌1‌ ‌ Aptitude‌ ‌Questions‌ ‌ 20‌ ‌Questions‌ ‌ Section‌… Read More
jQuery plugins enhance an application with features that would generally take a long time to program correctly. However, some plugins are useful in providing entertainment… Read More
Given a numberic string N (1 ≤ |N| ≤ 105) and another numeric string S (1 ≤ |S| ≤ 105), the task is to find… Read More
Doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a working professional – a common question that generally strikes in almost every individual’s mind is ‘How to… Read More