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Pycharm is a very popular integrated development environment from Jetbrains. In this article, we will look into how we can change the themes of Pycharm… Read More
Given a string S consisting of N characters, the task is to find the length of all prefixes of the given string S that are… Read More
Given a string S consisting of N characters and a positive integer K, the task is to count the number of substrings having at least… Read More
Project Introduction: In this article, we will learn how to make a simple text editor JavaScript application where we can manipulate the user input in… Read More
Round 1(Online Assessment–120 minutes): This assessment will take about 2 hours to complete and this assignment is designed to help you showcase your coding skills… Read More
The purpose of this article is to set the font-size-adjust property using CSS. Approach : The font-size-adjust property sets the size of lower-case letters relative… Read More
The DATE function is used to calculate dates in Excel. Excel provides different functions to work with dates & times such as TODAY, NOW, WEEKDAY,… Read More
The opening breeze of summer has already blown – and like always, it has come up with a lot of positive and fun vibes. Some… Read More
As the placement season is back, GeeksforGeeks is here to help you crack the interview. We have selected some most commonly asked and MUST DO… Read More
Unicode: Unicode is an encoding standard for all characters in the universe. Every language code and symbol in this world is assigned by Unicode. There… Read More
It was an On-Campus Interview. They held total 4 Rounds. Round 1(Aptitude Test): 60 MCQs, 1hr It was done through a Google Form.  About 80%… Read More
A slow Android Studio is a pain in the butt for an android developer. Developing an application with a slow IDE is not a cakewalk.… Read More
No one can deny that YouTube has made the education and learning process more compelling and accessible to everyone. There are millions of EDUTAINMENT videos… Read More
Prerequisites: Python Pillow Concatenate image means joining of two images. We can merge any image whether it has different pixels, different image formats namely, ‘jpeg’,… Read More
We can get the ID attribute of a ReactJS component from the props of the ReactJS component. As we are inside a ReactJS component here… Read More
The following approach covers how to authenticate firebase with GitHub in react. We have used the firebase module to achieve so. Creating React Application And… Read More
I applied to Microsoft’s Off-Campus full-time SDE drive on their career website. After a week I received a link for the exam.  Round 1(Online test):… Read More
Given a string S, the task is to print permutations of all words in a sentence. Examples: Input: S = “sky is blue”Output:  sky is… Read More
Eligibility: B.Tech. CSE, B.Tech. ECE, MCA, MCA FYIC, BCA %age Cut Off: No % criteria. Students with up to 3 backlogs can be a part.… Read More
Round 1: First Round was a coding round held on HackerEarth on 31 March 2020. It was a 3-hour contest with 3 coding questions.  The… Read More