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“A major part of software engineering is building components that not only have well-defined and consistent APIs but are also reusable. ” This sentence is… Read More
TypeScript is an Open Source Object Oriented programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft Corporation. TypeScript is a strongly typed language and its first version… Read More
The Typescript programming language was developed by the company Microsoft Inc. It is used to develop JavaScript applications with the help of the web frameworks… Read More
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In typescript, there are numerous ways to convert a string to a number. We can use the ‘+’ unary operator , Number(), parseInt() or parseFloat()… Read More
Function Overloading: Function overloading is a feature of object-oriented programming where two or more functions can have the same name but different parameters. When a… Read More
The TypeScript scripts written by default are in the global scope which means that all the functions, methods, variables, etc. in one file are accessible… Read More
In typescript by using an import statement, a module can be utilized in another module. any variables, classes, methods, or other objects declared in a… Read More
In Typescript, Type aliases give a type a new name. They are similar to interfaces in that they can be used to name primitives and… Read More
Decorators are a way of wrapping an existing piece of code with desired values and functionality to create a new modified version of it. Currently,… Read More
Array in TypeScript is just similar to an array in other programming languages. The array contains homogeneous values means a collection of multiple values with… Read More

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