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Prerequisites: Beautifulsoup Beautifulsoup is a Python library used for web scraping. This powerful python tool can also be used to modify html webpages. This article… Read More
There is a huge amount of data available on the web and most of them are in form of (JavaScript Object Notation) JSON. But it… Read More
Aptitude round: I appeared for TCS NQT in October 2020. It involved Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, and Domain MCQs followed by Coding problems, which… Read More
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Given an array arr[], the task is to combine all the elements in the array sequentially and check if it is a palindrome. Examples: Input:… Read More
All of us have great ideas, about which we think that if implemented, can turn into really successful products in the future. So this article… Read More
Technology is becoming more and more important for all companies, no matter what sector they are in. In today’s times, when companies need software for… Read More
Given a grid consisting of horizontal & vertical bars of size (N + 2) x (M + 2) and two arrays H[] and V[] denoting… Read More
Given a string S of length N and two integers M and K, the task is to count the number of substrings of length M… Read More
A complex number is a number represented in the form of (x + i y); where x & y are real numbers, and i =… Read More
Compare and swap is a technique used when designing concurrent algorithms.  The approach is to compare the actual value of the variable to the expected… Read More
The Playfair cipher is one of the traditional ciphers which comes under the category of substitution ciphers. In Playfair Cipher, unlike traditional cipher, we encrypt… Read More
Straight Lines in 3D space are generally represented in two forms Cartesian Form and Vector Form. Hence the angles between any two straight lines in… Read More
Given a binary string str of size N, the task is to find the length of the smallest subsequence such that after erasing the subsequence… Read More
Module Wrapper Function: Under the hood, NodeJS does not run our code directly, it wraps the entire code inside a function before execution. This function… Read More
We all have come across apps that have a Bottom Navigation Bar. Some popular examples include Instagram, Snapchat, etc. In this article, let’s learn how… Read More
In this article, we are going to see how to convert images to webp open-source format in Linux. Before starting, we will see the webp… Read More
As the placement season is back, Geeksforgeeks is here to help you crack the interview. We have selected some most commonly asked and MUST DO… Read More
Given an integer N and a 2D array cost[][3], where cost[i][0], cost[i][1], and cost[i][2] is the cost of painting ith house with colors red, blue,… Read More
Given an array A[] consiting of positive integers, the task is to find the minimum value of |A[x] – A[y]| + |A[y] – A[z]| of… Read More