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The limitations of the Superscalar processor are prominent as the difficulty of scheduling instruction becomes complex. The intrinsic parallelism in the instruction stream, complexity, cost,… Read More
In this article, we are going to rename multiple column headers using rename() method. The rename method used to rename a single column as well… Read More
Prerequisite: math Given n and x, where n is the number of terms in the series and x is the value of the angle in… Read More
Fresco is one of the famous image loading libraries from URLs in Android. It is a powerful library for displaying and managing images from URLs.… Read More
The list doesn’t have random access operator [] to access elements by indices, because std::list internally store elements in a doubly-linked list. So, to access… Read More
Major League Hacking (MLH) is an international community for student developers that was founded in 2013. It supports numerous student developers and engineers across the… Read More
In today’s world, every single organization has to keep a regular check on its assets, information, systems, and data due to the steep increase in… Read More
The purpose of this article is to send the value of the button to PHP back-end using AJAX in an HTML document. Approach: Create a… Read More
Given integers V, T, and n representing the volume, temperature and the number of moles of a real gas, the task is to calculate the… Read More
Round 1 (Aptitude Test): This was the first round of the placement process. It was held on TCS ION platform and online proctoring was on… Read More
Given an HTML document having pill badges (In case if you don’t know what a pill badge then refer to this ) and the task… Read More
Round 1: Around 10 easy level questions on debugging. Then 2 coding questions Longest Palindromic Substring Variation of closest K pair. You just have to… Read More
Round 1: Coding Round,  Held on HackerEarth on 31 March 2020. You will have 3 hrs to solve 3 questions(1-> Easy, 2-> Medium,3-> Hard) I… Read More
For appending a new row to an existing CSV file we have many ways to do that. Here we will discuss 2 ways to perform… Read More
The images, CSS files, JavaScript files, and other files that the client downloads from the server are known as static files. These static files can… Read More
The frequency of an element in an array is the count of the occurrence of that particular element in the whole array. Given an array… Read More
Pre-requisite: Java Servlets Servlets is a Java Technology for server-side programming generally used to create web applications. It is a module that runs inside a… Read More
One important aspect of Machine Learning is model evaluation. You need to have some mechanism to evaluate your model. This is where these performance metrics… Read More
Django has become one of popular frameworks over the past few years. Often, after creating your django project, you are confused, how to share it… Read More
Given a Binary Tree, the task is to find the sum of all such nodes from the given tree whose sum of left and right… Read More