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When we draw plots using Matplotlib, the ticks and labels along x-axis & y-axis are drawn too.  For drawing creative graphs, many times we hide… Read More
I got to know about Hexaware Virtual Drive from FirstNaukri. I applied for it online on 18th August 2020. There were several rounds in the… Read More
Paytm visited our campus for hiring 2021 pass outs for the post of QA Engineer. The eligibility criteria were as following: 10th and 12th: 60%… Read More
Given a range of years, the task is to find the year having Sunday on 1st January. Approach: We can use javaScript Dates to get… Read More
The keywords are some predefined and reserved words in python that have special meaning. Keywords are used to define the syntax of the coding. The… Read More
RecyclerView is an extended version of ListView and GridView. It works on the ViewHolder design pattern. With the help of RecyclerView, we can add many… Read More
It is seen that many Android apps require to use of high-quality images that will not get blur while zooming. So we have to use… Read More
Practicing coding on a daily basis is a very important and worthwhile practice. It helps a lot to develop the skills that a successful developer… Read More
Before deleting a column in a table, first is need to connect the java application to the database. Java has its own API which JDBC… Read More
To insert an image in a PDF using Java can be done by using a library called iText. iText is a Java library originally created… Read More
ArrayList is the class provided in the Collection framework. In Java, the collection framework is defined in java.util package. ArrayList is used to dynamically stores… Read More
In the world of data space, the era of Big Data emerged when organizations are dealing with petabytes and exabytes of data. It became very… Read More
Given three positive integers L, R and Y, the task is to count the numbers in the range [L, R] whose sum of digits is… Read More
Amazon visited our campus in October 2020. The process consisted of 4 rounds overall. (1 test and 3 interviews) Online Round: The first round is… Read More
Given an array weights[] consisting of N positive integer, where weights[i] denotes the weight of ith node, the task is to construct an N-ary tree… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, the task is to find the bitwise AND of all possible unordered pairs present in the given array.… Read More
Given an array arr[] of length N, the task is to modify the given array by replacing each element of the given array by its… Read More
Given a binary array arr[], the task is to count the number of subarrays having equal count of 0s and 1s, and all the 0s… Read More
Given an Octal number as input, the task is to convert that number into its Binary equivalent number. Example: Input: Octal Number = 513 Output:… Read More
Matplotlib is a library in Python used to create figures and provide tools for customizing it. It allows plotting different types of data, geometrical figures.… Read More