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AWS DeepComposer is a service offered by Amazon Web Services. This service is a combination of machine learning algorithms and AI that allows its users… Read More
College Admission Experience IIIT Bhubaneswar, also known as the International Institute of Information Technology Bhubaneswar, is a prestigious technical institute in India. Admission to IIIT… Read More
NodeJS is an open-source and cross-platform runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. You need to… Read More
Unveiling the Admission Experience at Poornima College of Engineering Introduction: Choosing the right college is a crucial step in shaping your future, and Poornima College… Read More
In this article, we are learning how to develop a chat application with multiple nodes and an answering bot made with OpenAI’s text-davinci-003 [ChatGPT API… Read More
Hello Everyone, I’m sharing my interview experience with “oodles Technology” for the UI UX Design role. It was a F2F Interview at their office which… Read More
Can you design Netflix in 45 minutes? What??? Are you serious ?? (I can watch it for the whole night but…). It’s impossible to explain… Read More
Prerequisites: Generics in Java LinkedList in Java What is Stack? Stack is a linear Data Structure that follows LIFO(Last In First Out) order while performing… Read More
In Java, Generics are the parameterized types that allow us to create classes, interfaces, and methods in which the type of data they are dealing… Read More
NCERT Solutions for class 11 Chapter-15  Body Fluids and Circulation. The chapter on  Body Fluids and Circulation is important for students approaching the board exams.… Read More
Java Development Kit (JDK) is the Software Development Kit that contains all the tools and files required for compiling, developing, and running Java programs. JDK… Read More
In Java, variables of primitive data types, such as int, char, float, etc., are passed by value, meaning that a copy of the variable’s value… Read More
Flutter is Google’s Mobile SDK to build native iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. When building applications with Flutter everything is towards Widgets… Read More
Given a 2D screen input[][] where each input[i][j] is an integer representing the color of that pixel, also given the location of a pixel (X,… Read More
Company Name- TATA 1MG Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd. Designation: SDE I applied for the job via LinkedIn and my resume was shortlisted. Then the process… Read More
It was for Microsoft Student Chapter (MSC) at my university VIT,AP. MSC is regarded as one of the premium chapters of the university. So after… Read More
Process :  Applied through LinkedIn. Resume shortlisted. Phone call Interview. Technical Interview. Now let’s see some questions which were asked in my interview : Tell… Read More
OpenAI’s ChatGPT’s latest update Code Interpreter Plugin will enhance the coding ability of the AI chatbot, making it the most powerful AI tool that will… Read More
Matrices are an essential tool in mathematics and science for organizing and manipulating data. LaTeX provides a powerful set of tools for creating matrices that… Read More
Data Analysis is a process of studying, cleaning, modeling, and transforming data with the purpose of finding useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. This… Read More