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Difference Between MATLAB and Mathematica
  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2020

Performing computation with the support of programming languages was always been a focus for all mathematicians and statisticians, whereas to perform it efficiently it heavily depends on the scope of the problem. We have a large variety of tools and languages to analyze and compute data. So let us discuss the most widely used languages. 

MATLAB: It is a language that is globally used for performing high-level technical computations. The term MATLAB is used for Matrix Laboratory, which facilitates us with an interactive environment to perform reports and data analysis. It also allows us to implement computing algorithms, plotting graphs, and other matrix functions. 

Some features of MATLAB: 

  • It manages array and matrix problems.
  • It helps to solve complex algebraic equations.
  • MATLAB is used to analyze data and plot graphs.
  • It can also process and communicate with equations of signals.

Mathematica: It is a universal natural language that can be used for any programming structure. The term Mathematica means subject of instructions’ which helps you solve a particular problem. Here the program is written in basic mathematics and is used to perform complex queries. This is not an open-source model that can be used for everyone. 

Some features of Mathematica: 

  • It is cost-effective.
  • Mathematica is heavily used in academics.
  • Helps you to solve complex problems in seconds.
  • There is no alternative for Mathematica but it is universal for every language.

Difference between MATLAB and Mathematica:

1It is a high-level programming language that is used for performing mathematical computing.It is a universal language that helps you to model any computational language.
2Development in MATLAB is slow.Development in Mathematica is fast compared to MATLAB.
3Syntax is initially required to learn to perform calculations in MATLAB.Calculations are done by using simple mathematics.
4MATLAB documentation is very understandable.Mathematica does not have such documentation.
5User experience in MATLAB is very good.User experience is not good it is similar like a mathematics textbook.
6MATLAB is capable of preforming complex queries.There is a database which helps to find complex queries result.
7It provides feature to analyze the data into charts.There is no feature to analyze the data.
8It performs functions in two-dimensional array.It performs function in conventional algebraic form.
9The code can be easily debugged in MATLAB.The code cannot get debugged in Mathematica.
10It is used in Bigdata applications, simulation and modeling.It is not used in Bigdata application.
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