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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | Full Time On-Campus 2020 (Virtual )

Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2020
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Deutsche bank visited our campus  for full time and internship. It consisted total 5 rounds (1 coding round+2nd and 3rd technical + 4th round(Professional+Technical+HR) +5th round was HR).

Pointer criteria was 7 GPA.

Around 92 students were eligible for 1st round.

Round 1(Coding Round)-There were three coding questions of marks 20, 30, and 50 respectively total of 90 minutes.  There was one easy, one medium, and one difficult coding question. Solving 1.5/3 was enough to qualify coding round. Around 20 students were shortlisted for 2nd round.

Round 2(Technical)-1 hr

1.First they tell me that as there was lots of technical stuff in my resume so they told walk through your resume on the basis of technical part.

2.In my internship i worked on java so they asked how to establish a database connection in java and types of JDBC drivers.

3.Then he asked me which oops properties is best according to you,i told abstraction then he asked full description about abstraction.

4. Next question was from Data Structure.

5.In my one project i used python so they asked why did you use python, you can use other languages as well.

6.Then he gave me one condition that you have lots of thread one is in executing state and other is  in waiting state, so which concept of OS it is following, i told critical section i answered all the states of critical section and how we can resolve that.

7.He asked me what we can do by which  class can not  be inherited and difference between constructor and method.

8.Then as asked me to find second highest salary from employee table, i made it complex so they told me to do in easy way.

9.Then he asked me about allocation and de-allocation of memory in java and garbage collector , Normalization and it’s all type with examples and Joins in SQL.

10.Then he asked me the difference between array and list then array and vector.

11.What do you know about the Deutsche bank?

At last he asked me any questions?, i asked 2 question

This round was very good for me , i answered all the questions and he was satisfied with  my answers and i was pretty sure then i’ll go for next. Around 12 students were shortlisted for 3rd round.

Round 3 (Technical)-(45 min-1 hr)

1.Tell me about yourself.

2.He told me to design a database system for bank with proper entity and attributes.

3.He told to code for system design of mobile shop, i was writing the code then he was satisfied with my code and then told me not to code for full design.

4.Next question was convert an array(sorted) into wave array and write code within 5 min.

5.Next question was implementation of calculator and write a code for that but i was not able to cover all the cases as it was required but he was satisfied with my approach.

6.Next question was puzzle

i told him correct approach and after that he did not even ask for exact answer.

7.Then he asked me to print the number from 1 to 200 without using any loop.

8.Then there was one more puzzle, he told me to answer with in 3 min

At last he asked me any questions? i asked one.

it was quiet good but i was not able to answered all the questions exactly and after 10 min i got the call for 3rd round. 9 students were shortlisted for 4th round.

Round 4(Professional+Technical+HR)- 30 min

First he appreciated me for resume as there was lots of technical stuff so he asked me everything apart from resume.

1.First he told me tell me about yourself that is not mention in resume.

2.Then he asked me the best moment of my life  and how did i handle the failure.

3.Then he asked some basic concepts of java.

4.What is my strength and weakness.

5.Then he gave me one situation between me and other employee.

6.As my internship company related to finance so he asked me something related that.

7.Then he asked me how was my virtual internship experience , what difficulties i faced.

This round was very well for me and after 10 min i got the call for next round and around 7 students were shortlisted fro 5th round.

Round 5(HR) -(10-15 min)

1.How was your day.

2.Tell me about yourself, family, projects, internship

3.Then he asked me 6 value of Deutsche bank that they told in presentation of Deutsche bank and asked me to which value i can relate myself.

At last any question?

At last they selected 6 students and i was one of them.

Be Confident. Be honest. Strong command on  CSE concept(OS, DBMS, DS, OOPS). Be prepare well with your resume , you should know everything about your resume.  

Best of Luck with your Placement!

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