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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for FTE On-Campus (Virtual 2020)

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Deutsche Bank came to our college(Vellore Institute of Technology ) for recruitment of FTE, in August 2020. The process consisted of 1 coding round, 2 technical interviews, and 1 professional round, and 1 HR round. (Total 5 rounds).
For the first round, there were 164 students (CGPA based shortlist). 

Round 1 (Coding round): There were three codes of marks 20, 50, and 50 respectively total of 90 minutes.  There was one easy, one medium, and one difficult coding question. The exam was given by 164 students out of which 33 were selected.

Round 2 (Technical Round- 50 min):

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Write a program to replace all 0’s with 8 in a number (don’t use string conversion)
  3. Armstrong number code and explanation
  4. What is the data structure? Why Data Structure? Different types of Data Structure?
  5. Virtual memory vs Physical memory
  6. Process vs threads
  7. Difference between compiler and interpreter?
  8. One logical question: 1,2,5,8 are the time taken by 4 people to go from path A to B. There is one GPS device. Find the optimal time taken so that all four people reach from point A to B.
  9. Internship related work and project in brief
  10. Describe your research work(CV based).
  11. Rate yourself in Java and OS
  12. Why information security? (my branch was CSE with a specialization in Information Security)
  13. Different encryption techniques take different message length what is the difference?
  14. Any questions?

After this round 24 students were selected out of 33.

Round 3(Technical Round – 45 min):

Purely resume based

  1. What is malware analysis? Why malware analysis?
  2. Favorite Programming language and why?
  3. One thing I like about Java 7?
  4. OOPs concept regarding HAS-A RELATION(code based question )
  5. What is your field of interest?
  6. Detail about research paperwork? (Real-life example of your work)
  7. Scenario-based Question: if I have been given a task, and I am not able to do it, I tried a lot how will I do it, and what keeps me motivating for the same
  8. What if end-user rejects to use my product?
  9. Any questions?

After this round 15 students were selected out of 24.

Round 4(Professional + Technical – 30 min):

  1. How were the past two interviews?
  2. Were you able to answer the questions?
  3. What is Oops?
  4. Why Java?
  5. Given a String and integer as input. Do you need to find whether that integer is present in the string using polymorphism?
  6. Where you see yourself next 5-6 years.
  7. SQL based Question: left outer join, right outer join.
  8. Any conflicts while solving the college project with team members how it was resolved
  9.  Puzzle: The 3 & 5 Litre Die Hard Water Puzzle

Any questions?

 Round 5 (HR interview – 20 min):

  1. Tell me about yourself, family, projects, internship
  2. If I have chosen between Company A(my internship company) and Deutsche Bank
  3. For my final year project if my project fails at the last moment before presenting to externals I am getting option to show another project from my internal faculty. What you will do. Because if you fail there, it would cause an issue in a job as well

Any questions

A total of 9 were selected.
Be Confident. Be honest. Go through the CSE concept(OS, DBMS, DSA, OOPS). Be thorough with your resume. 
Good Luck with your Placement!

Last Updated : 08 Sep, 2020
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