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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience (On-campus FTE)

Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2020
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It was on the HackerEarth, it consist of 3 coding question of medium level.

28 students got selected after this round

ROUND 2 (Technical)

these Interviews were on skype, I started with greetings after that interviewer asked me which are your favorite subjects

 I told data structure, DBMS and operating system

so he asked me to share my laptop screen and use your editor and do code of Anagram with optimized code,

 and after that he told me to explain your project line by line which was on the Github,

after that, he asked to write an SQL query to get the second highest salary, and then he told me to implement quicksort.

16 students got selected after this round

ROUND 3  (Technical)

The interviewer asked me to design a binary tree and traverse it and then she asked questions on hashmap working, deadlock, normalization, java 8 and polymorphism. 

13 students got selected after this round

ROUND 4 (profit)

In this round interviewer will give situational questions, challenges you faced while doing project, and how you solved it, also the interviewer can ask the values of Deutsche bank.

11 students got selected after this round

Round 5 (hr)

why DB, family info, personal info.

11 students got selected, I was one of them.

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