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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Kind of Resume Required: There was no specific skill-set requirement and also no resume shortlisting was there before the test. 

  • I had total 3 projects (2 web dev based and 1 DSA based) and 1 internship in my resume. 
  • Do not just add some tech stacks and projects for the sake of making an impression. 
  • The key is to know everything you have mentioned in your resume thoroughly and prepare for all the questions like why you have used that particular framework etc.

Eligibility:  All branches were eligible.

  • CGPA Cutoff: 7
  • No restriction based on 10th and 12th percentage.
  • Interviews were on Day 2 slot 1.

Online Test:

  • There were 3 coding questions.
  • Platform: HackerEarth
  • Time: 90 mins
  • These are the questions which I got:


Round 1 (Technical): There were two interviewers in the meet. 

  • Interview started with the question “Tell us about yourself”. 
  • After this they asked which algorithms I knew about. I told them about some algorithms which came to my mind. 
  • Then they asked if I knew sorting algorithms and which one I am most comfortable with. Then I started explaining merge sort. They told me to code that. So I wrote the merge sort algorithm on a online C++ Compiler. Unfortunately when I run the code, it was not giving any output due to some runtime error. 
  • They asked me if I wanted to debug that or move on to next question. I told them to give me some time to debug the code but at that time I was unable to find the error. In these kind of situations, just try to maintain you cool and just do not loose your confidence because we tend to make these silly mistakes under pressure but this should not affect our whole interview. I then told them to move onto the next one.
  • Then they asked me another coding question which was based on this:
  • I was able to solve this question.
  • They asked if I knew Operating Systems. I told yes. They asked me about process scheduling algorithms and asked to explain any one of them.
  • Then they asked if I knew DBMS. They asked some basic questions about DDL and DML commands. Which command is used in which conditions? Examples of DDL and DML commands.
  • Finally they told me that this is it from their side and asked if I wanted to ask anything. I asked some questions which I had prepared by their JD.

Round 2 (Technical + HR): In this round they did not asked me any coding question.

  • Tell us about yourself: In my introduction, I only used to focus on the projects which I had prepared more deeply than others. So they started asking about one of the projects. First of all I described what I had done in the project, its features and all. It was basically a Travel Advisor App using React using APIs. Then they asked many questions from that project like:
  • How you are fetching data from APIs.
  • Why I was using that particular method only.
  • How I was filtering the data.
  • Why would anyone come to my application when we have Google Maps which can accomplish all of the things which I was doing: I was not prepared for this and I was completely blank So I had to say that I had done this project only for my learning and not from Users perspective. Then I tried to tell some ways in which we can work on that project to make it more effective and usable. But I think this question is very general in Interviews and you should always prepare that why your application is different from others.
  • Then they also asked some basic questions about my other projects. You need to know your projects thoroughly otherwise it creates a bad impression.
  • Then they moved to HR section. She started asking about my family background etc.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years.
  • Let’s suppose you are not interested to work on a technology which you are told to work on, what would you do?
  • For these type of questions do not just directly say Yes or NO. Be diplomatic and do not judge anything. I answered it this way that technologies are changing day by day. So if something is adding to my skill set and is more efficient and more productive then I can consider but then again depends on situations.
  • Would you be comfortable in working different time zones and moving to different cities.

Then they told if I wanted to ask something. I did ask some questions about their recommendation programmes that was mentioned in JD.

Results: Selected, 12 students got selected from our college.

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