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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Microsoft has mainly 2 written test followed by 2/3 interview including HR round. 1st Online Written Test: This written test was easy, only C/C++ (easy… Read More
Procedure: 1 written test, 1 paper coding round, 2 technical + HR round. 1st Written Test: This was really a good written test including C/C++,… Read More
Nitin Gangahar has long list of achievements to his name and an amazing placement offer by, arguably, the best company in the world (no prizes… Read More
There was 1 online coding round, followed by interviews. Online coding round was on Codechef. 1st question Sandeep and Pali want to go on holiday.… Read More
We recently had SEL, Samsung for Campus Recruitment. Round 1: GSAT(Global Samsung Aptitude Test): The test had 2 sections. The first section had 80-90% of… Read More
I recently appeared for amazon which came to our campus. Here is my experience. Shortlisting Round. There were 20 MCQ and 2 programming questions. Each… Read More
For the position SDE I. I had an online test through interviewstreet and following were the questions: Inorder Successor in BST K distance from root… Read More
Team : Transportation Location :Hyderabad Round 1 (Online Test) Q1. Find the kth largest value in a BST Q2. Swap the alternate nodes in a singly linked… Read More
Written Round: 1) Given a binary tree, such that each node contains a number. Find the maximum possible sum in going from one leaf node… Read More
Written test: It comprised three papers that were held back to back and took approximately three hours. The first two papers were subjective. First one… Read More
Online Test: MCQs: Mostly comprise the following types: find the output, definitions of basic C/C++ concepts. Coding questions: Given a very large string, print the… Read More
I am a final year student of IIT Guwahati and the first phase of placements has just finished at our college. I was recruited by… Read More
Name – Saurav Kumar Singh Course – Dual Degree (Computer Science & Engineering) IIT Delhi Company- Strand Life Sciences Visiting place- IIT Delhi Date- 2nd… Read More
Round 1 (Telephonic) Q1. For a given number, find the next greatest number which is just greater than previous one and made up of same… Read More
Company : Qualcomm Position: Summer Intern(Software) Written Test It was an online MCQ test. Time limit was one hour. There were around 55 question. It… Read More