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INTERVIEW PROCESS:  Assessment  – 21st March 2021(Aptitude, Logical, Coding(Imp) on WeCreateProblems Platform) –>Result Same day Night English Skill Assessment (Mettl) – 22nd March 2021 –>Result… Read More
I was attending Mindtree Virtual Technical II Interview on 29-March-2021 at 2:30 pm and there was a technical issue and the interview got disconnected mid-session.… Read More
Mindtree visited my college on-campus at the start of December month. They conducted three rounds to hire candidates for the software engineer role. The entire… Read More
Round 1: Round 1 contains aptitude, reasoning, verbal, and coding. This round was taken on the Mettle platform. The questions were of medium level. The… Read More
Eligibility: Above 6.5 CGPA  Round 1: It is an online round and it consists of two sections: Coding: In this round, we were given two… Read More
It was an On-campus drive. There were a total of 3 rounds in the selection process. Round 1: Round 1 is a written test. A… Read More
Round 1: The round 1 contains aptitude, reasoning, verbal. After submitting these three sections the cut off mark was checked and if you have reached… Read More