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Microsoft Interview Experience (3 years Experienced)

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Team Name: Azure DevOps

Round 1
Given an array of probability distribution, generate a function to return a char with given probability.
str=[‘a’, ’b’, ’c’]
probabilityDistribution =[50, 25, 25]

4 outputs when called 4 times =a, a, b, c. Create a function
There are coins stored in tree nodes. Each node is supposed to have exactly 1 coin. Total no of coins in a tree is = no of nodes. But the coins are not equally distributed and have to moved to proper nodes (which have >1 or <1 coins). Find the number of moves required.

Round 2
1 website could link to many other websites. Design a crawler service that could return all websites that are recursively reachable from this website. Design a distributed system where all results cannot be stored in 1 node. [Ans= Decouple storage and compute]

Round 3:
Maximum sum subarray:
Factory pattern question
How do you consume info from an API which produces data faster than you can consume ?

Round 4:
OOPS- Design a Lift.( X cars, each car can have max P passengers, not destination controlled)

Result: Offered

Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2019
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