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HSBC Holdings Interview Experience | Set 6

  • Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2018

Round 1 :  Online web cam monitored test- technical 20 questions,  aptitude 20 questions,  English 20 questions(75 min).   Coding round- 2 questions (marks increase if space and time complexity of the code is less) (30 min)

Round 2 : Group Discussion on some common topics- mine was “Android vs iOS”, in one group it was “red circle”. Pretty easy if you are confident.

Round 3 : Technical interview round

This round took about one hour.  It was moderately difficult. I was asked questions from the resume itself. Project: 3 questions. The interviewer mostly checks the basics. Even if you don’t know an answer, tell him, you’ve learnt it but cannot recollect. Be very confident.

Apart from project:

  1. Data Structures: Singly Circular Linked List- Code, Implementation and Advantages/disadvantages.
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Java: Multithreading
  4. J2EE servlets, cookies and some more concepts
  5. Codes: pattern making 1 /n 121 /n 12321… on
  6. Dry run of codes.
  7. OOPS: encapsulation vs abstraction.
  8. About NetBeans

Round 4: HR round- consisted of basic questions: Why HSBC, Will you be able to travel, Strengths, weaknesses, difference between obsessive and possessive, family background., puzzle- cut a cake in 8 equal pieces with 3 cuts. Remember to be very confident all the time. Trust me, I’ve had six interview experiences till date. Confidence = you’ll clear it for sure.

The interviewer may behave as if he’s criticizing you. That is just the part of grilling. Don’t worry. Stay calm. Keep your smile even during stress.

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