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Java provides two methods namely Collections.binarySearch() and contains() to find an element inside a list. Underneath the hood, contains() method uses indexOf() method to search… Read More
The getCanonicalPath() and getAbsolutePath() methods belong to class in Java. And these methods are basically used to get the path of a file object… Read More
A distributed object is an object that is callable from a remote system. An in-process client, an out-process client, or an elsewhere located client (on… Read More
Prerequisite : Detailed study about the Time Shared Bus, Crossbar Switch & Multiport Memory interconnection structure. Introduction :Interconnection structure can decide the overall system’s performance… Read More
Prerequisite –  Cache Coherence Cache Coherence :In multi-processor systems, each processor can have its own cache & when processors are allowed to update data of… Read More
1. Vagrant :It is a tool for constructing and managing virtual computing device environments in a single workflow. It offers an easy and convenient to… Read More
Prerequisite – Local Area Network & Wide Area Network 1. Software Defined Networking (SDN) :SDN was built for supporting computer needs to found in Local… Read More
For loops, in general, are used for sequential traversal. It falls under the category of definite iteration. Definite iterations mean the number of repetitions is… Read More
In a software project, in many instances, there are necessities to transfer the data, and it can be handled by using ObjectOutputStream and ObjectInputStream from… Read More
In this article, we will compare and find the difference between TensorFlow and Theano. Both these modules are used for deep learning and are often… Read More
Both Tensorflow and Keras are famous machine learning modules used in the field of data science. In this article, we will look at the advantages,… Read More
1. Round Trip Time (RTT) :The length of time taken by a data packet to be sent to a destination including the time it takes… Read More
1. XAMPP : XAMPP stands for X-operating system, Apache, Mysql, Php, Perl. It is an open resource platform that is readily available absolutely free downloading.… Read More
Running program is a process. From this process, another process can be created. There is a parent-child relationship between the two processes. This can be… Read More
What is Software Design?Software design is a process to convert the user requirements into client requirements user interface form, that helps the software developer in… Read More

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