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Difference between Traditional and Agile Software Development

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  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2022
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Traditional Software Development: Traditional software development is the software development process used to design and develop simple software. It is used when the security and many other factors of the software are not much important. It is used by freshers to develop the software. It consists of five phases:

1. Requirements analysis
2. Design
3. Implementation
4. Coding and Testing
5. Maintenance 

Agile Software Development: Agile software development is the software development process used to design complicated software. It is used when the software is quite sensitive and complicated. It is used when security is much more important. It is used by professionals to develop the software. It consists of three phases:

1. Project initiation
2. Sprint planning
3. Demos 

Difference between Traditional and Agile Software Development:

S. No.Traditional Software DevelopmentAgile Software Development
1.It is used to develop simple software. It is used to develop complicated software.
2.In this methodology, testing is done once the development phase is completed.In this methodology, testing and development processes are performed concurrently.
3.It follows a linear organization structure.It follows an iterative organizational structure.
4.It provides less security.It provides high security.
5.Client involvement is less as compared to Agile development.Client involvement is high as compared to traditional software development.
6.It provides less functionality in the software.It provides all the functionality needed by the users.
7.It supports a fixed development model.It supports a changeable development model.
8.It is used by freshers.It is used by professionals.
9.Development cost is less using this methodology.Development cost is high using this methodology.
10.It majorly consists of five phases.It consists of only three phases.
11.It is less used by software development firms.It is normally used by software development firms.
12. Expectation is favored in the traditional model.Adaptability is favored in the agile methodology.
13.Traditional software development approaches are formal in terms of communication with customers.Agile software development methodologies are casual. In other words, customers who work with companies that utilize Agile software development approaches are more likely to interact with them than customers who work with companies that use traditional software development methodology.
14.For starters, typical software development approaches employ a predictive approach. There is full specification and prediction of the software development processes because the product is produced through rigorous and explicit planning. Changes are not permitted in this technique because the time and cost of project development are fixed. Here, a flexible approach is used as the software development approaches are founded on the notion of continual design improvement and testing relies on team and client feedback.


  • Office productivity suites
  • Data management software
  • Media players 
  • Security programs 


  • Sky
  • Phillips
  • JP Morgan Chase

Models based on Traditional Software Development-

  • Spiral Model
  • Waterfall Model
  • V Model
  • Incremental Model

Models based on Agile Software Development-

  • Scrum
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Crystal
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
  • Feature Driven Development (FDD)
  • Adaptive Software Development (ASD)
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