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Difference between Steganography and Cryptography

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1. Steganography: Steganography is a method in which secret message is hidden in a cover media. Steganography means covered writing. Steganography is the idea to prevent secret information by creating the suspicion. Steganography is less popular than Cryptography. In steganography, structure of data is not usually altered. The forms of steganography are:

1. Text
2. Audio
3. Video
4. Images
5. Network or Protocol

2. Cryptography: Cryptography means secret writing. In cryptography, sender does not send message directly to the receiver, before sending information to the receiver information or plain text is converted into cipher text by using some encryption algorithm then send to the receiver and receiver decrypt the cipher text into plain text to read the original information. It is of two types:

1. Symmetric key cryptography
2. Asymmetric key cryptography 

The difference between Steganography and Cryptography:

1.Steganography means covered writing.Cryptography means secret writing.
2.Steganography is less popular than Cryptography.While cryptography is more popular than Steganography.
3.Attack’s name in Steganography is Steganalysis.While in cryptography, Attack’s name is Cryptanalysis.
4.In steganography, structure of data is not usually altered.While in cryptography, structure of data is altered.
5.Steganography supports Confidentiality and Authentication security principles.While cryptography supports Confidentiality and Authentication security principles as well as Data integrity and Non-repudiation.
6.In steganography, the fact that a secret communication is taking place is hidden.While in cryptography only secret message is hidden.
7.In steganography, not much mathematical transformations are involved.Cryptography involves the use of number theory, mathematics etc. to modify data
8.In Steganography the information is hidden.In cryptography the information is transformed.
9.Hidden information is not visible.Transformed information is visible.
10.Steganography Provides Confidentiality only.Cryptography Provides Confidentiality, Integrity, Non-repudiation.
11.Steganography doesn’t hve  specific algorithms.Cryptography have Various recognized and approved algorithms.
12.The goal of steganography  is to make the information invisible to anyone who doesn’t know where to look or what to look forThe main goal of cryptography is to keep the contents of the message secret from unauthorized access.

Last Updated : 27 Mar, 2023
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