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Difference Between DVD-R and DVD+R

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  • Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2020
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1. DVD-R :
DVD-R, abbreviated to Digital Versatile Disc Recordable, is a common recordable DVD format that looks just like a regular DVD, but it is used to write data only once and can read data multiple times. DVD-R is a DVD format that is compatible with all common recordable DVD formats. Up to 4.7 GB of data or media files can be stored in a basic disk and up to 8.5 GB in a dual-layer disk. Discs can only be used once and cannot be used for re-recording when ejected from the drive.

2. DVD+R :
It is pronounced as DVD Plus R. It was released in year 2002.Like DVD-R, it is also a recordable DVD format, but it does not carry the DVD logo. It has about 80 to 80 percent better playback compatibility with all DVD players. It uses ADIP system and generally slightly more expensive than their DVD-R counterparts.

Difference Between DVD-R and DVD+R :

1.DVD-R is pronounced as DVD Dash R.While it is pronounced as DVD Plus R.
2.DVD-R was released in year 1997.While it was released in year 2002.
3.It does not support drag and drop feature.It supports drag and drop features.
4.DVD-R is less expensive than DVD + R.While it is more expensive than DVD-R.
5.It does not check for errors during recording.It checks for errors during recording.
6.In DVD-R, users are not allowed to format and record data together.In DVD+R, users are allowed to format and record data together.
7.There is more risk of interference and error.While there is less risk of interference and error.
8.It can only be written once.It can be written many times.

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