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Difference between Star topology and Bus topology

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 Jun, 2020

Prerequisite – Types of Network Topology

1. Star Topology :
Star topology is basically used for Local Area networks in which all nodes are connected to central point called Hub, which connects them into the communication channel.The connections are in such manner that n number of wires are required to connect n number of end devices or nodes.Traffic is generated from central hub of the star.Central hub controls communication between all the nodes, message sent by one node reaches hub first and then it is transmitted to the receiver node through hub.

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2. Bus Topology :
Bus topology is a type of network topology in which all the devices are connected to a single cable which is called as the backbone of the network.It consists of a terminator at each end of the cable.The network cable is responsible for the communication between the devices and when the data reaches the end of the cable it is removed by the terminator from the data line.It is the easiest network topology when the devices are to be connected in a linear fashion.

Differences between Star Topology and Bus Topology:

S.NO.Star TopologyBus Topology
1.Star topology is a topology in which all devices are connected to a central hub.Bus topology is a topology where each device is connected to a single cable which is known as the backbone.
2.In star topology if central hub fails then whole network fails.In Bus topology the failure of the network cable will cause the whole network to fail .
3.Management of high traffic and performance of the network is highly dependent on the capacity of the central hub.Bus topology can not effectively manage high amount of traffic as if there is high traffic then performance of the network is affected.
4.Star topology does not have any terminator.Bus topology has a terminators at both end of the network.
5.Star topology has high implementation cost because of central hub and extra wires required for connection.Bus topology is less expensive than star topology.
6.Data transmission is faster in star topology.In Bus topology the data is transmitted slower as compared to star topology.
7.In star topology the communication between nodes are done through central hub, message from sender node reaches central hub first then it is transmitted to receiver node.In Bus topology the data from sender device to receiver device is sent directly.
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