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Astrea IT Services Interview Experience | Set 1 (On Campus)

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Round 1 : In first round C language, C++, DBMS, Data-structure, input-output 40 questions in 30 minutes its little bit tough so be prepared for pointer input-output they select 14 out of 35 (these 35 shortlisted according to there marks BTech, 10th, and 12th basis I think above 75% or 80% I don’t know actual figure ) but I was selected, above 25 marks they selected. 

Round 2: The 2nd round held in a company (Noida). there are 3 panels each having 2 experts, avg time approx 40 to 45 minutes each student, interview starts at 10 am and end 5:30 pm, parallelly 3rd round had to start, and in 3rd round company CEO taking HR. In the 2nd round, I had to spend approx 1 -1:30 hr and lots of like..

  • grade yourself in DBMS beginner, intermediate, expert I told above intermediate the what is DBMS?
  • what is SQL?
  • what difference is SQL and my SQL?
  • what is normalization
  • what type of normalization explain
  • BCNF and 3nf long discussion with examples
  • what is acid property long discussion
  • what type of locks long discussion
  • 2nd max marks SQL query
  • nth max marks sql query long discussion with examples
  • what is top in SQL and limit long discussion
  • php database connectivity (because I mention in my resume )
  • what type of loop in PHP or can all loop of php apply in java ??
  • what is for each loop write code
  • with the help of php sort the table which is connected to the database?
  • a=5,  a+=++a + (++a)  a=?  the long discussion he was impressed
  • types of sorting? quicksort long discussion, what the effect of choosing pivot element. I am confused but I give the answer very confidently so he was impressed and suggest me after the interview look this problem, also write code for quicksort
  • what is the tree? and what type off ?? write code for finding mirror tree. I write and he was impressed
  • what is graph ? explain prims algo i explain it, write also
  • they ask me “what type of approach to solving any coding problem? “, because I told him I also participate online coding competition, I explain it greedy, buretforce, dynamic programming, etc they again ask to give any examples of dynamic programming I explain longest common sequence.
  •  what is angular js? what are MVC and MVVM because I mention in my resume I know angular js
  • write a code if I pass an
    input: aaaabbbbccccaaggggggee+++++++nnnn...........

    and output is:-


    I  write code using two nested loops but he was not impressed he told me you can write optimized code you can code also single loop I accepted my mistake

  • what is circular link list? how to find minimum data? simply say sir sort the data he told don’t sort the data then I give the solution with 2 pointer write code
  • what is a static keyword in java?
  • what is exception handling explain with the code?
  • what is finally and final keyword?
  • Some c++ questions also
  • and now comes to the last question a cake divide into 8 pieces with a minimum number of cuts I give the answer but he told me don’t cut horizontally because of niche valo ko cream nhi milega hahaha… I crack joke ” sir cream bad me lga lenge hahaha… “. so I cant find the answer.

I gave all answer successfully and he and she both were impressed               

Round 3: Now in this round company CEO taking HR. means face to face meeting with CEO.
he asks some simple pi quotation, normal interaction he judges confidence level and communication he asks me what

  • is your cgpa.?
  • what is your rank in branch and in college?
  • where are you from?
  • what is your school name?
  • describe your school ?how many companies are you sit already? this is my first interview so he
  • asks why? I explain very well (i am good in technical but I cant clear first round aptitude ) be honest.
  • then he said any question for me? I simply any feedback sir? Did he tell me something good and bad then
  • again said any question for me? I simply say no sir 🙂

only 3 students selected one for me.

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Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2017
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